Real Estate Article:  Mistakes Some Buyers Make

When you are buying a home, you need to avoid making some of these common mistakes.

#1.  Working with more than one agent.

If you are working with several agents and not being loyal to one agent, the odds are that the agent will not take the time needed to research homes and find you the perfect place.  Why should you expect someone would spend many hours work without the assurance that they will be the agent who writes the contract.  Real estate agents are not paid a salary and only make money after the closing of a sale.

#2.  Just calling around asking for information.

This is another variation of #1.....and you will get the same results.

#3.  Writing a low priced offer on the home no matter what.

This is more likely to happen in today's market.  The problem is, you run the risk of making the seller mad.  If the seller gets mad, they may not negotiate well with you.  Even if you do get the house, they may remember the feeling of the original low offer and not work with you well on inspection issues or with other problems that come up.

#4.  Working on emotions and not facts.

If you let yourself "fall in love" with a house you may make a big mistake.  Always have a market analysis done on the home you are making an offer on so you will know if it is priced high, priced low....or even priced just right.

#5.  Not buying a house because the media says it's a bad market.

In today's market, many buyers are being scared off by the media.  WOW!  So it's a bad market.  That's great for home buyers and the perfect time to buy a home!  Just shop with your head and not your heart and you will find a great deal on a home.

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