Real Estate Article:  Mistakes Often Made By Home Sellers  

When you are selling your home, you should approach in like any other business transaction, but all too often sellers make emotional or impulsive decisions that cost them money and time.  Choosing the right real estate agent to market a property and negotiate the sale is the most important step in the process.

“My family member (or best friend) sells real estate.”  

Friendship or family relationship alone isn’t enough to establish a professional’s credentials.  Use tough standards when selecting a real estate sales associate, just as you would when hiring an attorney, a doctor, or an accountant to handle your taxes.  And do remember that if you use your family member or best friend to sell your home.....and something goes could damage your relationship. 

"I'll list with the first agent I talk to." 

Talk to AT LEAST 3 real estate agents.  Then take at least 24 hours to decide which agent to use.  Compare their rates, marketing, experience and training.  If none of these sound great, call some agents with other companies to come out.

“I want a real estate associate who lives near my home.” 

Just because someone lives close to you does not make them an automatic expert in the area.  Some of the best agents are experts in many different areas.. 

"I'll go with the real estate agent who gives us the highest listing price."   

The practice of telling sellers that there home is worth more than it is really worth is so common in real estate that it has a name.  Yes, it's called "buying a listing".  The goal of this practice is to get many listings so the agent can attract buyers.  Then after they are tired of the listing, they'll tell the seller they need to lower the price. 

“I'll follow the crowd and list with a company that 'everyone' lists with, they must be the best.”  

Do you want personal attention or do you want your home lost in a large ad?  Normally, the company the agent works for has no relationship to the expertise of the agent.  Don't worry who they work for....just find an outstanding, experienced, training agent. 

“I'll list with an agent who will hold open houses every week-end.” 

Unfortunately, open houses don't always sell houses.  Most open house are held so the agent can pick up buy leads. 

“All Real Estate Agents passed the same test so they must know the same things.”   

The real estate exam covers the basic, or the minimum, things that a real estate agent should be expected to know.  The industry is always changing and the best agents are the ones who have experience and additional education.

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